March 19, 2013

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  1. Im totally agree with your opinion. Actually, the reason why I got a oppotunity to go to India for study abroading is because of a social media. Since I was working at a social media advertise company as an internship, so Im familiar with those stuffs and how to appeal to viewers. That is why the company chose me as a student who get a financial support from them out of 3,000 candidats!!! Thus I think using social media is neccesary and unavoidable nowadays. Good luck for your challenge!!

  2. Thank you for your comment, Shingo!! Social Media is already used among people to tell their daily life, advertise things, making an event.. In our cases that we were international students, Social Media plays an vital role to make friends and keep in touch with friends who were not in our own social graph. If you connect to them by Social Media (which is a popular and easy way), you would be able to chat and exchange information with them easily. I think this can say the same thing to any relationship including business. Social Media has a great opportunity to listen to people's voices and build and keep relationships.

    Congratulations on getting the great chance! I didn't know the reason. I do hope sometimes we can exchange our opinions and look forward to hearing from you about your adventure in India. Have a wonderful time there and take care!